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Travelwild is an Australian based tour operator who began running small group Adventure Tours for backpackers and active travelers on Kangaroo Island in South Australia back in 1998.

We started with a 2 day 4WD Camping Tour, and today are proud to offer over 30 high quality small group adventure tours from Kakadu in Australia's Northern Territory  and the Kimberley in the north of Western Australia, to the Outback and Ayers Rock in the centre, to Kangaroo Island in the South.

Join one of our tours and we guarantee you will have an experience you'll never forget as you camp, hike, swim and canoe your way through the Australian Wilderness.

Small Groups, 4WD Vehicles, Local Knowledge, Adventure Activities and Active People is quite simply a recipe for a great tour, which suprisingly few tour operators understand.

Follow this link to our website for comprehensive information and to learn more  or make a booking.