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Dracula's Cabaret Restaurant on Queensland's Gold Coast is a must for your Gold Coast holiday.

Dracula’s is Australia’s longest running and most successful cabaret Restaurant.

While on Queensland's Gold Coast you must treat yourselves to a night of total entertainment combining burlesque, contemporary music, comedy and quality dining, all in the one incredible venue. 

From the moment you step inside, you and your party are transported to an underworld of gothic splendour. You will ride the famous ghost train into the Theatre of the Vampyre, explore the multi level castle and be captivated by the intense atmosphere.

The theatre is adorned with animated creatures as well as original and rare horror collectables and you can sample unique cocktails in the Van Helsing cocktail bar.

The main event is Dracula’s two hour live production featuring some of Australia’s most talented performers. The productions change annually and continue to ‘wow’ audiences with the latest audio and visual special effects. This is all preceeded by a quality 3 course meal and a menu that is to die for!  For over 30 years, multi award wining Dracula’s has wined, dined and horrified over 3 million guests from all over the world.

Dracula’s has always been and continues to be produced, written and directed by the Newman Family. An all Australian entertainment success story.

Bloodbath is the latest offering from Dracula’s vault & brings together a fast-paced evening of variety (vampire style) with a unique new spin. It’s a wonderfully complete night of entertainment, and it's no wonder this is the most popular show on the Gold Coast.

Says Director Haydie Newman..." This is a complete departure from the typical bawdy theatre restaurant cliche`, our new production takes the audience on a thrilling journey that combines a perplexing mix of side alley circus, novelty comedy acts and graveyard psycobilly rock"

Featured acts include the Antique Illusion of Gore, Aerial Chandelier, Satan’s Checkout, Spiderweb Fetish and INXS rock tribute!

All of this is set to a pile-driving, live rock soundtrack and you can finish the night on a high as our aerial DJ takes you to the next level!

Follow the links on this page to book your show today to avoid disappointment.

Don't forget there is also Drax for Kids, so no one in your family has to miss out.