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Cattle Driving

Cattle driving

Being part of a cattle drive is an excellent way of experiencing the beauty of the Australian Outback whilst engaging in an activity that’s been part of the continents heritage since the 1800’s.Leave the crowded cities behind and head out into the bush on horseback to join the drovers drive cattle across the dusty, starkly striking Outback.

A cattle drive isn’t just about watching herds of cattle being moved across the plains, it’s also about camping under the stars and enjoying being part of the great outdoors, something Australia is famous for.

One of the biggest cattle drives takes place biennially along the Oodnadatta Track in the Southern Australian Outback and it traces the trail of the pioneers who forged their way through the raw, rugged landscapes 2 centuries ago. Ride through an arid expanse of Australia on horseback and watch as over 500 cattle at a time are driven to new locations. At night there is time to relax around the camp fire, eat authentic Australian meals and listen to stories of the drovers past drives. In years gone by the drovers used to pass the evening singing and playing card games, so if you to enjoy the modern equivalent take your mobile with you and enjoy casino games at

Meet up with a cattle drive from Adelaide or from Coober Pedy and discover more than just the dramatic landscapes and stark beauty of the Outback. Along the way there are many optional activities such as a visit to the underground opal mine, a micro light flight over the salt-encrusted Lake Eyre, a tour of the Painted Hills or a swim in the natural artesian pools of Dalhousie springs.

Whilst following the cattle drive you will also pass through the deep red dunes that have been home to the Aborigines for years and many of them now ride with the drives, telling their stories about their sacred connection to the unforgiving land. Pass by stunning sweeping plains, stony tableland and patches of gum trees whilst tracing the remnants of the Overland Telegraph line that was once the only telegraphic system between England and Australia.

Cattle drives showcase the Outback’s true extremes and are an incredible way to see a more isolated part of Australia. Visit tiny towns, drink in small pubs, sleep beneath the stars and immerse yourself in  the excitement of cattle driving.