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Don't miss Australia while you're in Australia!!

Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris is a small family business operated by the owners and dedicated staff.

They  began operating nature based tours in 1988, specialising in the wildlife and nature this wonderful part of Australia has to offer.

Guides provide experiences in the outback and west coast of South Australia which contrasts wild beauty and rich fauna.

Their aim is to send you home with the most memorable holiday you enjoyed in Australia.

They’ve trekked all through the South Australian outback, to the ocean and beyond… with guests from all over the globe… returning home with new tales to tell and memories of a land with wildlife that is so spectacular and special.

The Gawler Ranges are 600kms to the North West of Adelaide on the Eyre Peninsula. It  is Outback Australia at its best. The diverse terrain changes from semi-desert to arid to eucalypt woodland, while the age old volcanic landscape is spectacular with its gorges and weathered rocky outcrops.

In Spring, the desert comes alive with a carpet of wildflowers covering the landscape… and has over one hundred species of birdlife… with colours that are vivid and diverse! There are also many large kangaroo, emu and wombat populations… so it is pretty safe to say you will see plenty of them.

Kangaluna Camp Outback Accommodation – Unpack once!

The Camp has a central dining room which is mostly open sided but is closed when the weather is not so perfect. The camp is a wonderful place to relax, walk and observe the nature which lives in harmony with our presence.

The open mallee woodland environment is home to many animals which still have their original tracks through the camp, and over a hundred species of birds frequent the area. 

Recycled materials were used in its construction and furnishing, giving it a tastefully rustic look.

Kangaluna Camp has been developed by its owners from a life time of experience on how to best live in this environment and dry climate. Water is collected from the roofs and is the only water source.

Techniques are used for its preservation but you still have private showers and flushing toilets.

Glamping Kangaluna style.

The luxury safari tents are set in the stunning mallee wilderness and are perfect for the nature lover who really wants to be away from touristic areas and experience some of South Australia’s finest scenery and wildlife.. 

The curved roofs also help to cool the tents as they always keep the air flowing. No vegetation has been removed from the site but the camp was designed and built using the natural fire breaks that the trees in this place create for their own protection.

”If you wish to experience an interesting and safe “Wild Camp” experience, you can book the "Swagon", a renovated covered wagon with a Swag bed where you can gaze at the stars all night long!

” The Galaxy Suite” has an 8 inch computer controlled telescope as the night sky is very clear and bright a so you are able to use a large magnification on the telescope to view objects you could never see from the city. Saturn, Jupiter and the moon are the favourites because of their features.


Your hosts Geoff & Rene