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Wildlife experiences

If its wildlife you've come to see then Australia is like nowhere else on the planet.

Sure we have many of the same great things you will find elsewhere but the sight of hundreds of Kangaroos bounding across our rolling hills and open plains is one you will  never forget - or ever see anywhere else.  Even our golf courses in our major cities are home to many kangaroos and wallabies who have hung around in the face of the ever growing human invasion.

A wildlife experience is there for the taking in almost all outdoor activities in Australia and most country  properties will have friendly wildlife that will come to the door of your accommodation in search of a free feed.

Our coastal areas will amaze you with Penguin parades and basking seals and sea lions and our birdlife is diverse and unique.

Its always a good idea to take a local tour if you want to see the best wildlife in a particular area as your tour guide will always know where to find it.