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Wine regions

Australia's wine regions and wines are world famous.

The thing about wine regions is that they always seem to attract the very best in all other tasty things as well. Just look at our wine regions and you will also find Cheese factories, Chocolate factories, bakeries, Olive groves and many specialty wineries that make desert wines or liquers, not to mention an abundance of fine restaurants.

Most of the wineries - particlarly the larger ones have great restaurants attached to them and are open for lunch most days and dinner on selected nights.

The latest trend is also to have a micro Brewery on the premises and to have tasting platters showcasing their different brews. 

Two fine examples of this trend are in The Margaret River Region of Western Australia being Duckstein at Saracen Estates and the Eagle Bay Brewing Company

The best way to enjoy any region, particularly a wine region is let somone else to the driving, so tours are a great option. Pinnacle Tours offers a range 2 - 7 day tours through the Margaret river region.

You can't forget South Australia with at least half a dozen great regions, Victoria with a similar number, Tasmania with cooler climate varieties and New South Wales with its iconic Hunter Valley.

So - where do you begin? That's easy - it's where do you end that becomes the hard question.