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Craigmore 18, Yamba - luxury couples getaway with absolute oceanfront location in the magical Yamba, Northern New South Wales

Yamba Iluka Real Estate have a keen eye for the romantic couple’s getaway and have chosen the dreamy Craigmore 18 at Yamba as a favourite to recommend to the young and young at heart lovers amongst us.

Craigmore 18 has an absolute oceanfront position with views to fall in love with, including but not limited to a bird’s eye view of the aptly named Lovers Point. You will swoon with a giddy pleasure that will endear you to the irresistible Yamba forever.

Craigmore 18 is a luxuriously appointed one bedroom unit, decorated with high end furnishings, a cosy soft palette and white washed walls inducing a very comforting and relaxed state of mind. The stresses of a hectic life will drain away and be lost in a panorama of ocean views stretching as far as the eye can see.

Ideally positioned enabling absolute convenience, everything you could possibly need is within walking distance, cinema, shops, eateries, and of course the beaches are aplenty. Amble over grassy headlands, rock hop in the wonderland of centuries of weathered sandstone formations below the lighthouse and be sure to take a bucket of prawns and a bottle of champagne to your favourite pinnacle or grassy knoll to take in the sunset.

Watch the migrating whales frolic with their calves and marvel at their seemingly effortless aerial displays of energy as they launch skyward to show off their grandeur. Craigmore 18 has the perfect vantage point for nature’s best show in town.

Give yourself time to explore the natural wonders and enjoy the organic ambience of Yamba. You will never forget your magical holiday at Yamba Iluka’s Craigmore 18.


Yamba Iluka Real Estate recommends Craigmore 18 as the perfect romantic anniversary retreat or relaxing holiday for two.

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