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The Southern Highlands

The Southern Highlands - where city folk come to unravel the knots of their souls.

Relax, unwind, treat your city weary lungs to a dose of fresh air, delight in the fine wines, feast upon the celebrated Highland food, take a swing on scenic fairways, wander the heralded gardens, and drive the carefree country mile .... if the  Southern Highlands isn’t already on your NSW ‘to do’ list then pop it right there on the top of that list.

The Southern Highlands, or ‘The Highlands’ as it is colloquially referred, is a picturesque region located 90 minutes drive,  just 110 km south-west of Sydney in one of New South Wales most sought after holiday locales.  This stunning belt of lush green rolling hills forms part of the Great Dividing Range, a range that stretches for more than 3,500 kilometres and includes the Blue Mountains to the north and the Australian Alps to the south.

With her fertile soil and cool temperate climate the Southern Highlands is a blessed place to produce glorious gardens, award winning wine and superior fresh produce, which of course can only auger well for your gastronomic experience.  So, if you come to eat and be merry you will not leave the Southern Highlands disappointed.

The region provides the idyllic atmosphere and landscape for leisurely driving holidays. Meander amongst the green rolling hills discovering quaint villages steeped in history, parklands and formal gardens, antiques and collectibles, boutiques and galleries and an abundance of accommodations from snug motels to opulent Guesthouses and everything in between.

There is a welcoming hearth befitting your budget in the Southern Highlands, we have a great selection here on to choose from.