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South East Qld includes Brisbane, Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast, Moreton Bay and The Bay Islands.

The Great South East - as it is known to the locals.

The South eastern part of Queensland is where most of the population lives. It includes the Capital Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Moreton Bay and the Bay Islands including the magnificent sand islands of Moreton and Stradbroke. It also covers the hinterlands and inland a few hundred km to cover the country towns as far as Warrick and the wine growing regions of Stanthorpe and the flower capital of Toowoomba.

Because of the depth of tourism offerings in this region you will find many chioces of activities, places to stay and world class attractions. You can even visit the Great Barrier Reef on a fabulous day trip from the Gold Coast.

To give you just a taste of what is on offer there is the  cosmopolitan city of Brisbane with all the things you expect of a major city. Fine hotels and restaurants, international airport and buzzing business centre. There is the famous Gold Coast which stretches from the border of Norther New South Wales up as far as Moreton bay and is home to Surfers Paradise and the world class theme parks of Dreamworld, Movie World, Wet & Wild and Sea World.

The Bay and its islands present a wonderland of water based activities as well as 4WD and camping holidays on the pristine sand islands of Moreton and Stradbroke.

With all these attractions on offer it is the perfect choice for a conference or wedding celebration.

While the Qld wine industry is in it's infancy the Stanthorpe region is producing trophy winning wines and is a must for wine entusiasts.

The Hinterlands of Brisbane and the Gold Coast present a wonderland of rainforests and waterfalls among the many walking and hiking tracks. There are even mini mountains to scale for the adventurous ones.

The Gold Coast is often referred to as the Golf Coast as it is littered with world class resort courses and is a golfer's heaven.

You could easily lose yourself in the great South East of Qld and spend months exploring just the major offerings. It is a great place for a holiday and if you went nowhere else in Qld you would not be disappointed.