Dolphin Marine Conservation Park- Coffs Harbour

Dolphin Marine Conservation Park

Dolphin Marine

“Dolphin Marine Conservation Park has been an iconic institution in Coffs Harbour for more than 40 years. Action for Dolphins is excited to be part of the new direction the marine park is taking in exploring the option of a sea sanctuary as a possible new home for its dolphins.
“Dolphin sanctuaries are being established in the US and Europe but now that the feasibility study is going ahead, this one in Coffs Harbour could be the first of its kind in the world.”

Receive fishy kisses from a Dolphin and a tickly smooch from a Seal at Coffs Harbour’s multi-award winning Dolphin Marine Conservation Park. Open your eyes to a world of Marine Magic. Find out what dolphins really feel like and witness the intelligence and playfulness of these animals. During presentations, guests are given the opportunity to volunteer in the show by feeding and cleaning dolphin’s teeth, and dancing and singing with the Seals. When feeding the other animals, prepare to get splashed by the fish in the reef tank and fall in love with the Little Blue Penguins. One of only two places in Australia which exhibits dolphins which have been rescued and born in human care, Dolphin Marine Conservation Park makes dreams come true with the life-time experience of entering the water with these magnificent animals. For experience bookings, please call 02 6659 1910 – advanced bookings for in-water experiences essential. Free entry on your birthday and tickets are 10% off when booked online!