Hang Gliders – Stanwell Park

Watch The Hang Gliders at Stanwell park close to Sydney, or even better, take a flight yourself.

One of the best things you can do close to Sydney is to take the drive to Stanwell Park and watch the hang gliders with the magnificent south coast as a backdrop.

Have you always wanted to hang glide but thought that it was either too difficult, or too dangerous? Well things have changed and today with modern glider designs now built specially for two, you are able to fly with an Instructor and experience the thrill of soaring above the landscape and feeling the freedom of flight.

Sydney Hang Gliding Centre is the most popular choice for your flight and more people have chosen to fly with them for many good reasons.

They have a perfect safety record, specialise in Hang Gliding and weather permitting, are available to take you flying everyday.

They are a local family operated business and Chief Flying Instructor is Chris Boyce is one of the most qualified, experienced and respected hang gliders in the country.

Sydney Hang Gliding Centre has a team of 5 Instructors, all highly qualified with 100years combined experience, offering you safe, personal instruction and an exhilarating, memorable flying experience.

They are proud to be the longest established and most popular flight centre in Sydney and look forward to taking you hang gliding.

Let your adventure begin!

Call them on +61 0400 258 258 and check the website for details and special offers.