Bubbletent Australia

Bubbletent       Bubbletent Australia

If you’re in search of a spot that provides wonderment not just by night but by day as well, we finally found this slice of splendour overlooking Capertee Valley, the widest canyon in the world and a mecca for birdwatchers, just a few hours from Sydney by road, smack bang in the middle of the Central Tablelands of NSW.

Come and experience a Bubbletent for yourself, lay back, look above and let things fall into perspective. This is the place where you find your true north.

Our Bubbletents.

Standing proud on a rolling hill with one of the highest points in the entire Valley is Leo our first-born.

With sweeping views across our ‘great’ Canyon, you can be a step closer to the heavens while soaking your weary bones in Leo’s very own Swedish wood-fired hot tub perched just above the tent. A romantic’s oasis, a dreamers delight, a traveler’s rejuvenation!

Bubbletent Australia - bubbletent Bubbletent Australia - bubbletent


Virgo – the sign of those seeking eternal perfection and this is what Virgo delivers. With climate control inside, where you can make it whatever season you want at the touch of a button, a wood-fired bath tub and pristine sunset views as the curtain of darkness is gently pulled up across the valley and the first glow of sunrise gently stirs in the morning, it is little wonder that it is the little darling of our guests. No wonder our guests say ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience.

bubbletent Bubbletent Australia - bubbletent

Tucked neatly on top of towering cliffs presiding over a stunning gully, Cancer is a dream come true for the outdoor enthusiasts who want to ponder their own place in nature. With secret lookouts, treasured spots of shades and on the edge of homely bush guarding our abundant wildlife of kangaroos, wombats, wild goats and birds of prey including the iconic Australian wedge-tailed eagle. All while allowing you to marvel at the nightly sky in the evening from the tent or from the wood-fired bathtub, plug into nature at Cancer.

Bubbletent Australia - bubbletent             Bubbletent

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