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ACCEPT WeChat Pay & ALIPAY and you will welcome more Chinese tourists.

Australia’s largest overseas visitor is China.  The Chinese have different payment systems to the rest of the world and businesses here need to offer those options if they want to attract this market.

Their payments are all made via their mobile phones, and their phones will tell them who accepts their systems and who doesn’t. Those who do will enjoy fabulous and free marketing inside the Chinese phones that will direct them to you. 

To accept these payment platforms is so easy to set up and has NO FEES or charges to run the service, just a transaction fee like Visa or Mastercard.

Your property information will be uploaded into these giant Chinese apps which are the only places the bulk of Chinese visitors rely on for information. They spend on average more than 2 hours every day inside the WeChat & Alipay Apps.

Better still these apps use push messages to guide the Chinese to your place both at the researching phase ( in China) and on the ground here in Australia.

All this is at no cost other than simply transacting with them.

Email us now for more information and an application, and we will have you transacting within a week.


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