Lona Misa -Vegan – South Yarra

A lively Latin dining experience boasting a heavily vegan menu with vegetarian options, the bar and restaurant is a collaboration between Creative Culinary Partners and Melbourne hospitality legends Shannon Martinez (Smith & Daughters) and Ian Curley (French Saloon and Kirk’s Wine Bar), and Ovolo Hotels.

Lona Misa moves from a daytime café to restaurant and wine bar, welcoming diners at all times of the day with a full restaurant dining experience initially from Thursday to Saturday. Home to 90 seats, the venue on all fronts is artfully combined, rich in history, unchartered in territory and designed by award-winning agency, Luchetti Krelle.  The many elements of Lona Misa are nostalgic and familiar in form, delivered with a twist.  From the post-modern characters in the surrounding renaissance inspired art, and quintessential chequered diner flooring reimagined in terrazzo.