Be a Grey Nomad

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Be a Grey Nomad

There is a growing of Grey Nomads turning up in all parts of Australia.

Grey Nomads are generally over 50’s who have the time to travel slowly and so most of them have a Motorhome or caravan and stop wherever they want – for as as long they want.

There are countless opportunties for the grey nomads to stay in remote places like Beltana Station in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia. Here they can work on the property and help out with whatever skills they have on offer in exchange for their board. Its an informal arrangement and one that works well for all concerned.

Wherever you travel around Australia, you will often see large gatherings of the Grey Nomads in the best of places. The west coast of  Western Australia is a prime example largely because of the distances involved in a road trip. Kalbarri, Ningaloo, Exmouth, Broome are all grey nomad destinations and when you get there you’ll see why.

Breathtaking scenery and a laid back Aussie spirit await.

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