Scuba and Snorkel

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Scuba and Snorkel

Many places around the world lay claim to “the best” scuba diving in the world.

To make such a claim is a big statement but it is one that many divers from all over the world utter after a diving experience in Australia.

Not only do we have the Great Barrier Reef on the east coast but we have the Ningaloo Reef off the West Australian coast and several other notable dive locations. Bearing in mind the Great Barrier reef is over 1000km long it is a world within the world of diving.

While we can recommend several places where we know you will have a great Australian and a great Diving experience, we would also suggest you take the time to visit the Dive in Australia website where you will discover all you could ever need to know about planning the ideal dive to suit your abilities and expectations.

On their website you will be able to gather the expert knowledge and access their vast bank of experience to ensure you too will class Australia as a “world best”.

If you’re not ready for the Scuba adventure then snorkeling is the next best thing. Fortunately the Australian coastline is a perfect place to don the mask & flippers and discover the undersea world from above.

Many places are just perfect for this and at Lady Elliot island you can still experience the wonder of the great Barrier Reef this way.

The NSW south coast is also littered with great snorkeling opportunities and all along our huge coastline you will be amazed at the diversity and quality of the snorkel experience.

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