Travel Checklist

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Travel Checklist

Whether you’re visiting London to see the queen, walking the wall in China or off for a run in Pamplona there are certain things you’ll need to pack. Every trip is different, as is each person. That’s why we’ve compiled a list for all your needs.

There are some universal requirements like passports and more niche items like an ice pick or mosquito net. Must have’s

1. Required Visa’s and your (in date) passport

2. Tickets (this includes flight, accommodation, tours, events and those easily misplaced e-Tickets)

3. Travel Insurance

4. Copies of each 1, 2 and 3 (you can never be too careful with these essential items)

5. Itinerary (flights, travel arrangements, public transport, accommodation, etc.)

6. Your mobile – You may not use it as a phone on your journeys but for most people it holds all of your contacts and it’s great to have in times of emergency or to call that taxi when you come back to reality at the airport.

7. A back up for your digital contacts (also known as, you address book, a list of contacts and vital details)

8. A bag, rucksack, hiking pack, knapsack, backpack, case, box, suitcase … something to put everything in! 9. Notebook (you never know what you’ll want to jot down during your travels)

10. A pen (for step number 9, if not for those tedious immigration forms). In fact, I’d pack lots of pens – there’s lots of forms.

Clothes Remember, no one person or trip is the same. Guys, there’s no need for you to pack a sports bra.

1. Shoes – something comfortable for walking long distances (boots or sturdy runners) and something light (thongs or sandals).

2. Underwear – Undies, long underwear, compression wear or bra (I know it’s hard to forget but bring both, a sports and a regular bra)

3. Bottoms – Skirts, jeans, shorts, tracksuit pants and trousers

4. Tops – Dress shirts, casual shirts, t shirts, long sleeve shirts, spray jacket, singlets, winter jacket, blazer, raincoat, jumpers, sweaters and cardigans

5. Winter wear – Ski mask, jacket and pants.

6. Swimwear – Swimmers, shorts, wet-suit

7. Sunglasses and or goggles

8. Suit – more than one shouldn’t be required

9. Bits and bobs – Handkerchief, bandanna, cap or hat, beanie, scarf, balaclava, gloves Toiletries.

So your Mother used to remind you of these very handy, yet often forgotten items. Let’s face it climbing a mountain, sightseeing or a good time with mates is much more exciting than brushing your teeth!

1. Teeth – toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash

2. Skincare – moisturiser, sun cream, face and body wash, after sun gel and antibacterial cream

3. Hair care – shampoo and conditioner, a brush or comb and a pair of scissors for hair emergencies

4. Odour fighters – deodorant, soap, perfume, aftershave and cologne

5. Man stuff – shaving cream and razors

6. For the women – Shaving cream and razors, lip balm, makeup, tampons and pads

7. Bits and bobs – mirror, nail clippers, cotton buds and clothes line (long piece of string if nothing else) First aid

1. Tablets – paracetamol, diarrhoea tablets, water purifiers, sleeping pills, cold and flu tablets, aspirin, antihistamine and motion sickness pills

2. Kit – band aids, gauze’s, bandage, tweezers and small scissors (for more information refer to a medical supplier)


Nothing in life is free … no matter where you are.

1. ATM card (capable of functioning globally)

2. Local currency

3. Major credit cards – MasterCard or Visa, Some shops, Hotels and restaurants also accept WeChat & Alipay.

4. Hidden, secure money belt – you don’t WANT to use your travel insurance, as much as you NEED to have it.

When packing, it’s important to remember pack half the clothing and twice the money. Enjoy your trip!

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