Whale Watching - NSW South Coast

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Whale Watching - NSW South Coast

Whale Watching on the South Coast of NSW just has to be on your bucket list.

You see them frolic and play in the distance, your heart thuds in your chest as the excitement grows, as the boat gets closer you witness something quite breathtakingly amazing, a mammal the size of a bus launching itself skyward in a display of power and beauty that can be compared to nothing else you have ever seen before. She crashes back into the water sending a salty spray several metres into the air that meets you face in a fine mist and you blink it away in amazement.

Then you see her baby, right next to her and as her colossal fluke disappears under the water the giant infant rolls over to proudly show a pinkish white underbelly. Then to your surprise they both swim closer to the boat, they are curious, as they glide past to do a spot of ‘people watching’ the mother tilts her body and an eye the size of a grapefruit peers silently upward before she raises a barnacle covered 5m long pectoral fin, as if in her final wave as she descends into the depths with her youngster.

It is almost an out of body experience, hardly done justice by any words I can write. This was my experience of whales up close and are some of the most cherished and memorable moments of my life. They are graceful, humble, gentle, majestic and ethereal; you certainly do feel that you are in the presence of greatness when you meet your first Humpback Whale.

The South Coast of New South Wales is one of the best places to witness this majesty. Between the months of May and November Humpback Whales in their thousands can be seen off the coast in their southern migration from the warmer oceans to the cooler Antarctic feeding grounds, mothers and calves often rest in Jervis Bay on their long journey.

There are many Whale Watching tour operators on the South Coast, we can recommend Dolphin Wild Cruises, and you are sure to see the Dolphins too. Be sure to visit us here at australiatravel.com regularly as new Tour operators and Accommodations are added regularly and don’t forget to click on our ‘Special Offers’ tab so you don’t miss out on some amazing deals coming your way.

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