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Cruising is the ideal way to arrive in a new destination each day relaxed, refreshed – and well fed.

Cruise Into Australia and Arrive In Style

A cruise is a fantastic way to travel to Australia and see everything that this beautiful country has to offer. Visitors are often surprised by what a huge and vast country Australia is, so arriving by cruise ship and travelling to several key destinations in the country on your luxury liner is one of the easiest and most relaxing ways to ensure that you don’t miss any of the key sights. You can then enjoy day trips or extended two or three day excursions in each destination you stop at on your travels. There are many options for cruising in Australia. You can either board your ship in Southampton or Los Angeles and travel to your destination in style, or you can fly into Sydney and board your cruise ship to enjoy your boating adventure when you arrive.

Australasian Cruise Liners

If you choose to take a cruise around Australia then you’ll be spoilt for choice with the number of cruise liners available for your voyage. Whether you’re looking for something young and carefree, family-friendly, or tailored for a more mature customer, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for from your holiday. Cruising is the perfect way to meet like-minded people that you can enjoy your holiday with.

So what sights will you be able to see if you take a cruise of Australia? And what adventures could you enjoy? Here are some of the highlights:

Australian Cruise Destinations

You can’t talk about the highlights of a visit to Australia by boat without mentioning Sydney: arguably the world’s most famous harbour city. And no visit to Sydney would be complete without a tour of the iconic Sydney Opera House. Iglu Cruise say that a tour of the Opera House will allow you to discover the stories, history and magic of this iconic building. Inside, it boasts over 1000 rooms, 300 corridors, secret passage ways and magnificent theatres. When in Sydney you should also find the time to take some photos of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (another icon of the city that you’ll want to be able to record for prosperity) and of course head to Bondi Beach for a day of surfing, swimming, and watching the world (and the young, hip inhabitants of the city) go by. Sydney is a city that is impossible to explore adequately in just one day, so if possible ensure you allow two or three days of shore excursion days to enjoy this magnificent cultural hub. Record numbers of cruise ships dock in Sydney every year: last year over 300 cruise ships visited Sydney during the cruise season.

Let your next stop in this wonderful country be Australia Zoo less than an hour’s drive from the fascinating city of Brisbane. After all, you wouldn’t want to visit Australia without seeing a kangaroo and a koala or two! Australia Zoo was Steve Irwin’s second home, and the centre for many of his conservation programmes, which is what made it famous around the world. Australia Zoo is a remarkable zoo, unlike any other. Not only will you will get to see an array of animals including saltwater crocodiles, elephants, tigers and giraffes (as you would in most zoos) you can also take part in one or all of several interactive programmes, including the chance to hold and pet an adorable koala or to feed kangaroos. You can visit the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital after your day at the zoo which is run by Steve Irwin’s family: it’s a must for anyone interested in animal conservation or any fan of the late and great celebrity’s work.

Finally, take a tour of the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne: this is one of the most beautiful roads in the world, and one of the most naturally maintained, so is definitely not to be missed! If you take a day trip or a tour of this incredible road then you’ll be able to enjoy a day that is packed full of sightseeing, wildlife and famous surf beaches: you could even have a go at surfing yourself. Why not give it a go?

This article written by Melissa Turner

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