Lady Elliot Island – Great Barrier Reef -From the Gold Coast

Lady Elliot Island (LEI) is the southern most island of the Great Barrier Reef and it lies just North of Fraser Island.

This means you can experience the Best of the Great Barrier Reef on a day trip from the Gold coast

Lady Elliot

Because of this remote location you come and go by air, but there are other advantages too. The location means the reef surrounding LEI is the most pristine of all the reef systems on the Great Barrier Reef, being constantly washed by ocean currents and free from the pollutants of the mainland runoff.

Access is easy and you can visit for the day or better still stay a few nights. Flights available from the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg & Hervey Bay (Fraser Coast) . You need bring nothing other than a swimsuit as the tariff includes buffet dinner & breakfast, snorkelling & island activities.

LEI is also renowned for its diving & its majestic Manta Rays. The island is awash with life, marine and bird so there is always something going on. See the turtles laying from Nov to Feb and hatching from Feb to April and watch the whales pass by from July to November. It’s under the water where the experience blows your mind and LEI is the one place where you can snorkel straight off the beach.

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