Bridgeclimb -Climb the Harbour Bridge

Bridgeclimb – Sydney     bridgeclimb

Just one of those things you must do.

Not scary at all – the bridge is unbelievably solid and free of vibration. You will feel safe and exilerated.

The engineering and thoughtfulness that has gone into creating a professional and slick operation is mind boggling.

All the details about the different tours as well as how to book are on the Bridgeclimb website

There are several different climbs available and the longest one takes about 3.5 hours.

No trip to Sydney is complete until you do this. The view is amazing and the feeling of satisfaction will make it all worthwhile. You will also learn some amazing and surprising facts about the construction and history associated with the bridge and the surrounding areas.

If it was twice the price it would still be a bargain.

bridgeclimb                Bridgeclimb -Climb the Harbour Bridge - bridgeclimb