Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

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CURRUMBIN WILDLIFE SANCTUARY on Queensland’s Gold Coast is a must do activity while on the Coast.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1947 by a local beekeeper and flower grower _ Alex Griffiths.

It has been part of the Gold Coast’s tourist boom from the beginning and has grown in diversity with a large variety of wildlife on display, and animal hospital and many other fun activities for a family day out.

Always popular with tourists and families the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is now administered by the Queensland National Trust having been donated in 1976.

Currumbin is famous for it’s birdlife and its daily feeding of thousands of wild Rainbow Lorikeets however Currumbin is the best place to cuddle a Koala and get close to Kangaroos and other native Australian animals like the more fearsome snakes and crocodiles.

Currumbin is a fabulous day out for all the family and has a large retail outlet for souvenirs and other Australian products.


Get up close and personal to one of Australia’s biggest icons. Learn about the koala’s features, habitat, reproduction, gum species preferences and other quirky little facts about these gorgeous critters.

Meet some of our Koala families inside their Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary homes. At the completion of your experience you will hold one of everyone’s favourite little Aussie legends whilst having a professional photograph to capture your experience.

Experience Details
Name: Koala Behind the Scenes Experience

Days Available: Everyday

Time: 3:15 PM

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary boasts an amazing onsite Wildlife Hospital.
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary founder, Alex Griffiths, started caring for sick and injured wildlife over 65 years ago. As the need for specialist care became obvious, the first veterinarian was employed at the Sanctuary and in 1989 the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital was born. Since that day, the Wildlife Hospital has grown to admitting over 8000 sick, injured and orphaned wildlife patients every year and is one of the busiest wildlife hospitals in the world. To date, over 50,000 native animals have been released back into the wild after receiving free veterinary treatment at Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

Sanctuary visitors can explore the back deck of the Wildlife Hospital and get a bird’s eye view of the vets in action through the floor to ceiling windows. See x-rays, ultrasounds and endoscopes, and experience veterinary procedures taking place from a surgeon’s point of view by a camera mounted on the surgical light! For those eager to learn more about our wildlife and ways to help support them in the wild, visit the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation Shop at the entrance to the Hospital Precinct. The Wildlife Hospital and Foundation Shop are open from 8.00am -5.00pm seven days a week.