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Dolphin Discovery Centre

Dolphin Discovery Centre is a non-profit organisation, so every purchase made with us contributes to funding our essential conservation, eco-tourism, education and research projects – helping to ensure the future of our amazing marine life.

Grab your family and friends and come and enjoy the atmosphere of the Sunset Bar.

Please check our Facebook page for opening times.

The Sunset Bar is situated upstairs at the  overlooking beautiful Koombana Bay & is a prime location to unwind from your week or start your break.

Our impressive Interpretive Centre now showcases an expanded range of themed fish and coral aquariums and our amazing 360-degree Digital Dolphinarium, as well as an interpretation of the Koombana Bay environment and its history – geological, indigenous, marine and contemporary.

It is an immersive experience, with activity centres, interactive displays, Marine life feeding programs and tours that appeal to all age groups. The aquariums tell the story of our region from freshwater river to offshore reef and feature the marine plants and animals of our temperate zone.

The Dolphin Discovery Centre provides a unique experience that uses embedded technology along with natural displays to create a memorable experience for visitors that complements the wild dolphin experience of our beach Interaction Zone and Dolphin Tours.

Dolphin Discovery Centre - Dolphin discovery centre

Interaction Zone

With so many dolphins living along the coast, Bunbury and Koombana Bay offer the perfect opportunity for dolphins and humans to meet and interact.

The Interaction Zone has been designated as a special dolphin protection area for this very purpose. Under strict license conditions set out by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA), the Centre has been able to offer a unique interactive experience on the beach right in front of the Centre since 1989.

Dolphin Volunteers have been trained to ensure the interaction guidelines are followed and they will always be present on the beach to answer your questions and manage the interaction should dolphins visit the Zone.

Naturally, being a wild animal there is no set time, however, the most common visit times are in the mornings of the warmer months between 8 am – 12 noon!

Dolphin Discovery Centre - Dolphin discovery centre Dolphin Discovery Centre - Dolphin discovery centre Dolphin Discovery Centre - Dolphin discovery centre


Our Dolphin Eco Cruise is for 90 minutes within Koombana Bay. Our vessel provides an excellent viewing platform designed to get you as close as possible to the dolphins – without getting your feet wet!

The team will introduce you to our local wild Bottlenose Dolphins as they interact in their natural environment. Many of the Dolphins seen on the cruise call Koombana Bay their home. They can be seen frolicking, playing, sleeping and feeding during the cruise.

Dolphin Discovery Centre - Dolphin discovery centre

Swim with Wild Dolphins

An award-winning tour guaranteed to thrill!

Join us for an intimate swim with wild dolphins in their natural environment. Our most popular and exhilarating tour, you will be accompanied by our experienced guide and trained volunteers as you venture into the beautiful open waters of Koombana Bay. 

The Dolphin Discovery Centre will provide you with everything you need for your 3-hour adventure, including snorkelling equipment, wetsuits, a snack and drink and our knowledgeable team who are incredibly passionate about Bunbury’s dolphins and all marine life in the bay.


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  • A Lot 556 Koombana Dr, Bunbury WA 6230 

Dolphin Discovery Centre - Dolphin discovery centre

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