Two Feet & a Heartbeat

Two Feet & a Heartbeat                                         Two feet

Two Feet provides the original and best guided walking tours in Perth. At the heart of all of our services is our team of high calibre guides who host guests in a professional, yet relaxed manner, through our award-winning itineraries.

Two Feet has evolved to become a multiple award-winning experiential tourism provider, specialising in fully escorted tours around Western Australia. From themed walking tours and progressive dinners in the urban environment to extended air safaris across the rugged outback, our clients get a unique perspective on the landscapes, people, culture, food and history of Perth and Western Australia.

two feet  two feet  two feet

We deliver highly creative, unique program itineraries to accommodate any group size in Perth and Western Australia. It’s our local knowledge, established community connections and ability to think outside the box that sets us apart. Our experiences are designed to be conversational, informative, engaging and entertaining. We have built a reputation as a leader in contemporary interpretation, helping our guests to really connect to their destination and have meaningful interactions.

Browse our extensive range of tours  and let us guide your discovery of WA.


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