Seppeltsfield Estate – Barossa Valley

Seppeltsfield                                            Seppeltsfield

Seppeltsfield Estate - Barossa Valley - seppeltsfield            Seppeltsfield

Located on the ‘Western Ridge’ of the Barossa Valley, Seppeltsfield combines over 420 acres of ancient vineyard, gardens and heritage-listed architecture

Seppeltsfield estate is surrounded by a small settlement – named Seppeltsfield itself – and joins the nearby districts of Greenock and Marananga as the most Westerly townships of the Barossa Valley. Here, gently rolling hills of patchwork vineyards are contrasted against open fields of cereal crops, making for some of the most picturesque landscapes to be found in the region.

A suggestion of the grandeur of the Seppeltsfield property itself is evident through over 2000 Canary Island Date Palms, which line the approaching roads as an avenue to the estate.

Frequently documented throughout the 19th and 20th centuries is the generous hospitality of the Seppelt family – the estate a landmark of South Australia where travellers of all origins were warmly welcomed

Seppeltsfield Estate - Barossa Valley - seppeltsfield