Logan Foote Adventures

Logan Foote Adventures

will take you on the walk of a lifetime through the ancient rainforests of the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Sometimes in your life you do something that creates a memory you will treasure for a lifetime. Logan Foote Adventures can take you on a walk into an ancient rainforest and blow your mind with the beauty and majesty of Gondwanaland.

On the door of Brisbane and the Gold Coast sits this national treasure that is a must do experience for locals and tourists alike. It’s hard to believe that within an hour of the glitter strip of the Gold Coast beaches and highrise, and within an hour of Australia’s second busiest international airport sits this natural wonder just waiting for you to discover.

Your guide – Logan Foote is experienced in the landscape and will keep you safe and happy while treating you to the natural wonderland that is the Lamington and Springbrook National Parks.

The landscape is a remnant of a 23 million year old volcano and the man made theme parks of the coast cannot compete with the rugged mountains, towereing waterfalls and dense rainforests with ancient moss covered trees.

You will discover glowworm caves, swimming holes and native flora and fauna while on your adventure with Logan Foote.

Choose from one day adventures or more extreme hikes up to three days long where you camp in this ancient wilderness.

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