Haggerstone Island

Haggerstone Island

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Great Barrier Reef – north Queensland


Cast away in the remote regions of Tropical North Queensland lies Haggerstone Island, a small piece of rustic luxury nestled amongst the vibrant corals and blue lagoons of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Located nearly 600km north of Cairns, Haggerstone is home to the Turner family who will be your hosts during your island stay.

Getting to Haggerstone is an adventure in itself: guests take a small private charter plane from Cairns and follow the coast, flying north into the remotest coral regions of the tropical Far North Queensland.

Your stay on Haggerstone will be personal and unique. The island only takes a maximum of 12 guests. The accommodation consists of five houses, handcrafted in an African-meets-Robinson-Crusoe inspired style. Each is individually unique and looks out onto a private beach, mere feet away.

Haggerstone island offers its guests access to the wide unexplored regions of the Great Barrier Reef. The island’s 40-foot-jet boat departs each day to pursue days of marine activities, including unparalleled fishing in reef, deep-sea and river regions, snorkelling in vibrant coral gardens, and exploring the uninhabited islands, cays and mainland. All activities are flexibly suited to the guests’ wishes.

In addition to exceptional marine adventure, the island offers an exquisite culinary experience.

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Meals display the seasonal produce from the island’s orchard, where fresh rocket, kaffir limes and mouth-watering papaya are among the usual fare. The cuisine centres around the fresh seafood sourced from the immediate area, with the menu determined by the day’s catch. Lunch is often served al fresco on board the boat; for example, fresh oysters steamed in the shell with ginger and lemongrass, followed by freshly caught crayfish, tossed with coriander, chilli, olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice.

The island accommodates bookings of all kinds; families are welcome. The island also offers the option for private-hire for complete exclusivity.

Visitors to the island come from all points of the globe. They come to experience adventure, seclusion and the unique island holiday that is Haggerstone.

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