Outback - Flinders Ranges

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Outback - Flinders Ranges

To the north, the landscape grows more rugged as roads head into the Flinders Ranges. Here lies a wealth of history, with Aboriginal rock carvings and paintings thousands of years old. Arkaroola-Mount Painter wildlife sanctuary and resort village is dotted with waterholes, hot springs, gorges and gemstone deposits.

Further north lies Gammon Range National Park, a remote and starkly beautiful wilderness of mountains, ravines and inaccessible country, home to multicoloured parrots, wedge-tailed eagles, goannas, herons, rock wallabies and large red kangaroos.

Beyond this again lies the true, dry Outback. It’s no day trip as distances are vast and stops are few. Adventurous travellers heading for Coober Pedy, Australia’s largest and oldest opal-mining town, or beyond must carry water, food, spare parts for their vehicle and, preferably, a high-frequency radio transmitter.

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