Fraser Coast ( K'gari )

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Fraser Coast ( K'gari )

The Fraser Coast gets it’s name from the world’s largest sand island, K’gari (formerly Fraser Island). It stretches from Rainbow Beach north of the Noosa National Park to Bundaberg on the coast and obviously includes K’gari (Fraser Island) itself.

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June 7 2023 Fraser Island was renamed K’gari in recognition of the traditional owners.

K’gari is a 4WD paradise with miles of trails through the rainforests and along the sandy beaches, both ocean and inland facing. K’gari is home to shipwrecks and diving spots, pristine freshwater lakes, the most famous being Lake MacKenzie, and fresh water streams like Eli creek where you can lie down on a sandy bottom while warm, clear, fresh water streams over you.

The island also has world class resorts for those who crave a little luxury. Kingfisher Bay Resort and Village has many standards of accomodation available to suit all tastes and budgets.

Back on the coast the town of Hervey Bay is the jumping off point for the island with vehicle ferries and airport. It is also the whale watching capital of Queensland with the humpback migration passing through the bay from June – November. You can also depart for Lady Elliot Island, the southern most island of the Great Barrier Reef. Lady Elliot is the most pristine reef experience available and the island has a small eco resort accessible only by air.

The town of Bundaberg is Australia’s sugar capital and home of the famous Bundaberg Rum. If you want to be a local, order a “Bundy & Coke” at the bar.

The Fraser coast is teeming with marine life and one of the highlights is the turtle nesting season from December to April. You can see these great sea creatures laying and hatching at many places, the most famous being Mon Repos, Heron Island and Lady Elliot Island.

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