Port Macquarie

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Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie is a destination – not just a stop over

Just about 4 hours in the car from Sydney and almost midway to Queensland is a hidden gem called Port Macquarie.

While many might say it isn’t hidden, it is a few kilometere off the main Highway and so the major traffic just passes by. The holiday makers that come here know they have a paradise and return time and time again.

Port Macquarie has the charm of the country but also the sophistication of a small city with great restaurants and stylish choices for your accommodation.

The real charm and attraction to the area is of course the beaches. Port Macquarie is home to a collection of beautiful bays and headlands and all that comes with that.

Apart from the beauty, you get protection from the wind, great surf breaks, wonderful views and scenic walks. There are secluded beaches and great fishing spots and The river still produces the best oysters I have ever tasted.

Come to Port Macquarie, not for a stopover, but for the whole holiday!.

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