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Yamba on the northern rivers of the NSW north coast is the ideal beach and family holiday destination.

Yamba is a hidden gem on the NSW north coast just an easy 3 hour drive south from Brisbane and 6 hours north of Sydney.

The smart people know how wonderful this place is and have tried to keep it to themselves but the world is catching on to the spectacular natural beauty of the region. Yamba is a 15 Km detour off the main Pacific Highway and is therefore often bypassed by the travellers heading up & down the coastal route. Pass by at your peril as Yamba has some of the most beautiful holiday homes in the country.

Posessing an easy relaxed charm as well as an abundance of decadent beachfront and clifftop accommodation, Yamba has the right mix of holiday accommodation choices to ensure your needs will be catered for. From better than five star to camping facilities on the waterfront, groovy new apartments and funky old beach houses full of character, the accommodation offered in Yamba will suit families and couples alike.

The dining options are also plentiful as there are sporting clubs, hotels and a selection of cafes and restaurants available.

Activities abound from golf and bowling, to fishing, surfing, boating or just plain relaxing on a beach or under a shady tree.

Whatever your persuasion, Yamba will not disappoint and there are an abundance of holiday letting agents just waiting to assist you to find the perfect place as well as a selection listed in the following pages.

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