Kinka@Karboora – WOW factor with the X factor on extraordinary Stradbroke Island

Discover Stradbroke offer you Kinka@Karboora.

Sustainable in every sense of the word, this magnificent home sets a new standard in beach house style and design.

Kinka@Karboora has an elegance that is not boastful nor prejudiced, appealing to a vast array of tastes and sensibilities whose common wish is for a well earned break in a livable yet luxurious space with gobsmackingly incredible views.

Nestled amongst native fauna and flora high on a hill overlooking Cylinder and Deadmans Beach, Kinka@Karboora commands a stunning northerly aspect that offers the gift of expansive Coral Sea views that go on forever.

Kinka@Karboora has a vastness that swallows up large families without them having to trip over one another; every space has been carefully considered and styled for livability and comfort. There are two double bedrooms and enough single bedding for another 4 people, the house comfortably accommodates up to 8 people. The state of the art kitchen will delight the holiday chef cooking for the masses on quality appliances.

The house is furnished and decorated in the height of chic practical style and decadent comfort. The very avant-garde polished concrete floors are not only incredibly practical they also look amazing and the use of floating timber in other spaces gives a pleasing contrast in texture and material for visual appeal.

A leisurely 6 minute walk will lead you to Cylinder or Deadmans Beach, with shops and cafes all close by. Fishes at the Point has some of Straddie’s finest seafood.

A large house with expansive views so close to the beach is always high in demand so check availability quickly and be sure to act quick to avoid disappointment.

Stradbroke Island is a leisurely 45 min vehicular ferry ride from Cleveland, or a 25 min water taxi ride. Your accommodation booking includes return fares.

Discover Stradbroke will help you book your next holiday at Kinka@Karboora.