Olives – Kangaroo Valley


When you think of olives it conjures up delicious thoughts of Mediterranean cuisine, rich olives oils and of course martinis, shaken or stirred with a plump olive or two. In Australia we are blessed with some of the best quality olives grown in the scenic Kangaroo Valley. The olive tree is the oldest known cultivated tree, it thrives on hot summers and cool winters and Kangaroo Valley offers those perfect conditions for olives and travellers alike.

You may think that an olive is an olive, but let me give you the good oil. Any foodie worth their salt will tell you the secret of premium quality lies in the harvesting and processing techniques and Kangaroo Valley Olives have that perfected.

Kangaroo Valley Olives is the brainchild of a group of locals who are passionate about producing the highest quality olives and olive products from their own groves and dedicated processing plant. Their pure whole olives, premium cold pressed Extra Virgin Oils, deliciously infused and flavored blends, tapenades and vinegars are an epicurean delight.

To preserve the goodness and quality the olives are processed within hours of harvesting. Kangaroo Valley Olives pride themselves in the care they bestow upon on each and every olive to ensure that the fruit goes straight from their groves to your table without losing an ounce of goodness. You can take a tour to learn how it is done and take the essence of the Kangaroo Valley with you in the form of some of the purest olive products you can buy. To keep the memories and aromas of your special holiday alive you can re-order from their online shop when you get home.

Once you have delighted your senses with the rich colour, body and texture of the Kangaroo Valley Olive oils you will be spoiled forever, those inferior supermarket oils will never pass your lips again, there is no going back but you can keep coming back to the Valley and not just for the olives.


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