Visit Bright Brewery

Bright Brewery is in the heart of Bright in Victoria’s Great Alpine Valley

While you are enjoying the fresh clean country air of Bright you will be looking for somewhere to sit back, relax and soak up the atmosphere of this beautiful town. There is no better place to start than the town centre and of course the Bright Brewery.

The original Bright Brewery was founded during the Gold Rush in 1876. It was famous for its Ale, Porter and fruit cordials an so won numerous awards. It continued until 1916 when it had to close its doors and now almost 90 years later the Bright Brewery has been brought back to life.

Here you can partake in boutique beers made with the fresh crisp mountain waters, enjoy the food, & days a week and listen to some live music.

The size of a micro brewery means Bright Brewery is able to make more specialised beers than the large industrial breweries.

They are able to experiment with different flavors and all products are made with pristine mountain water. Located in a valley renowned for its hop growing it is no wonder Bright Brewery is renowned for making unique and great beers.

There is no need to book, just turn up and enjoy the friendly staff, great food and of course great beer.

General Enquiries, Brewery Door, Bar & Restaurant:
(03) 5755 1301