Cable Beach Club

Cable Beach Club in Broome is the standard by which all Broome accommodation is judged

Cable Beach Club in our gloriously beautiful north west is the premier accommodation in this landmark Australian town.

Broome is clearly the most exotic and remote holiday location you can choose in Australia without heading out into the wilderness.

Located on the iconic Cable Beach Broome has a unique laid back lifestyle that at the same time has a certain ‘Chic’.

The Cable Beach Club in Broome was the pioneering “resort” of the region and while many have tried to copy it, you can’t beat the real thing.

The perfect place for your family gathering, wedding, honeymoon or even that unforgettable conference, Cable Beach Club will surprise and impress with attention to detail in this magnificent location.

Whether its fine food, day tripping to unique destinations or simply relaxing, Cable Beach Club in Broome should be on top of your list.Maybe the perfect pearl awaits you in this pearling capital of Australia?