Airtree Golfers Resort Yarrawonga

 Airtree Golfers Resort Yarrawonga is the ideal golfing getaway in the Murray River town of Yarrawongaairtree

As a golfer you cannot go past the golfing region that follows the Murray River along the border of NSW and Victoria.

Yarrawonga is a focal point of this region with many great courses for you to choose from. The climate and affordable rates make this a golfers paradise and the courses are first class.

The Golfers Resort is a short 5 minute drive from the centre of Yarrawonga and convenient to all the best courses of the region as well as being close enough for all the courtesy transport from the local clubs and eateries to pick you up and deliver you home from your evening activities.

The Golfers Resort is the top choice for your stay as it is hosted by Shayne & Julie, and teaching professionals from the McCully golf school are on hand to help you brush up your skills.

Airtree Golfers Resort Yarrawonga - Yarrawonga                                                  Airtree Golfers Resort Yarrawonga - Yarrawonga


The practice facilities are right on your doorstep. Walk out the door of your luxury accommodation and step onto the driving range or chipping green!

Julie and Shayne are on hand to book your golf at the surrounding courses and are full of great advice to ensure you make the most of your time in this wonderful piece of Australia.

Nothing is too hard for the team at Airtree Golfers Resort and they have many packages to help you make the most of your holiday and improve your game at the same time.

Airtree Golfers Resort Yarrawonga - Yarrawonga Airtree Golfers Resort Yarrawonga - Yarrawonga