Selby Cottage

Selby Cottage – absolute waterfront accommodation, Marks Point Lake Macquarie, NSW

Have you ever daydreamed in the midst of a hectic day, indulged in a fantasy that extricated you from a scheduled existence into the embrace of a peaceful lakeside cottage, a retreat in a blissful setting where time has stood still. For that brief moment of reverie you had respite from the rat race only to be jolted into reality by the bleating of a mobile phone and you are left wishing that such a place existed beyond your wistful contemplations.

I certainly have had this daydream; it is a recurring one in fact, so I surely am not alone in my quest to find such a place.

I came across Selby Cottage by chance, it took me by surprise – love at first sight often does. What’s not to love? For me Selby Cottage was pure whimsy, a fanciful notion that sprung to life in a moment of absolute clarity one Sunday afternoon.

I arrive at 2pm, a day on the road like any other, I find 151 Marks Point Rd, Marks Point, and at that moment I stop dead in my tracks. A smile spreads from my face into the depths of my soul – I am gazing from my car through an open garage to a window beyond where I see an expanse of water and bobbing boats. Even the garage has a view that can stop traffic which is what I would have been doing at that moment if there were any traffic to be stopped on Marks Point Road. The excitement was building, I could not escape my seat belt fast enough. I knew I had found my whimsical lakeside cottage.

I descend the stairs beyond the main house and find myself in paradise – I barely notice the 40 or so stairs that lead me down through scented garden terraces each with a magical view of Lake Macquarie that is still etched into my psyche. There before me, sitting resplendent is the little perfectly formed and idyllically situated Selby Cottage. Lavender and Jasmine paths lead me to her open door, I step inside and I step back in time.

Furnished with an eclectic mix of colonial and repurposed pieces gives that undeniable old world charm. The original wood stove sits within an alcove adorned with willow pattern chinaand I barely notice the modernity of the more utilitarian conveniences of electric appliances. The Bathroom has the original claw foot bath, a plumbed wash stand and leadlight window. The bedroom has the restored queen bed that was left in the cottage from yesteryear and sets such a romantic scene. The cozy lounge has the promise of fireside nights of red wine, soft music and cuddles. The piece de resistance is the view from the little deck, french doors lead from the dining room opening out to the deck and the glorious view. This deck is just steps away from the lakes edge; here you can sit listening to the sound of the lapping waters and watch the sun as it sets over Lake Macquarie disappearing into the crimson sky beyond that Watagan Range. What bliss this place is!

Selby Cottage started life at the turn of the last century as a humble boat shed, so yes this structure has absolute water frontage. The boat shed was converted to a cottage by a miner’s family, then much later it became a weekender and in 1993 it was decided to share this little piece of heaven on earth with the likes of you and me, and so Selby Cottage’s charm has been enjoyed and revisited by many in her life as a short stay self contained accommodation.

Parting is such sweet sorrow from a place so beautiful, with views so amazing that you find yourself shaking your head quizzically as if your brain can’t fathom what it perceives. I am, in a word smitten, to visit once is simply not enough and like me you won’t want to leave and you will make plans, as I have, to return again and again.

Selby Cottage is located at Marks Point on Lake Macquarie, just an hour and half from Sydney and half an hour from Newcastle. Visit our Lake Macquarie page to learn more about the area and contact the delightful Farida on (02) 4947 7760 or +61 415 239 662 or email them at You can also follow this link to visit their website to make your daydreams a reality at Selby Cottage.

Perfectly suited to those wishing to escape city life for a few days or perhaps this is the perfect escape for a writer or artist? Inspiration comes from places like Selby cottage.